Corpse Bride

Man, I wish only that I could have the patience that these animators must possess.

First, I’m sorry, but I have to get this out of the way: I think the story could have been better, and I was a little disappointed by some of the songs, as well. I mean, with the exception of Bone Jangle’s song, they really were nothing compared to Nightmare.

Alright, but aside from that, holy crap. The character designs are AWESOME and the animation is AMAZING. It’s definately technically the best stop motion I’ve ever seen (maybe with the exception of go-motion, but for different reasons). The control that they had over their puppets allowed for an amazing amount of detail and sublety, which must have been pain-staking to create. The eye darts, the long settles, the jitterless arcs, the cloth, the weight…..damn. That’s all super hard stuff to pull off with stop motion. Not to mention that the acting was great. It’s so much to think about, one frame at a time for days on a shot. No layering animation, no going back and tweaking…..that’s awesome.

I really would like to do some more stop motion animation, it’s a very different aproach from the traditional and computer mediums, and I just love the idea of physically interacting with the puppets and the scene. And it must teach you so much patience, and you’d have to get really good at planning.

But yeah, go see this movie. Congrats to this film’s small crew, you did historic work.

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3 Responses to Corpse Bride

  1. myung says:

    I thought the animation overall was amazing. I couldn’t help but stare at the wedding dress and the old mans goatee and just felt like my frustration with 3d is nothing compared to this.
    Something else though, I was drawn into the characters easier when the setting was the dead world. I think the many lights helped me believe it was real. Especially with the brights lights in Bone Jangle’s song. But when it was the real world with flat white lights, I kept thinking “these are puppets”. And I almost imagined giant hands coming into frm. hehe

  2. rini says:

    let’s make one

  3. Josh says:

    I liked it. It’s sort of the quintessential Tim Burton film. You’ve got the monsters-with-the-hearts-of-gold, the timid character trapped in a strange world, Johnny Depp in a lead role, et cetera. And because it’s stop motion, it really looks like a Burton film.

    But, yeah. The songs were disappointing. Did you see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? The music for that was even worse…

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