Realistic versus stylized animation

So it’s been mentioned before that it would be cool to have an animation class at the academy that focused more on realistic animation. You know, like creatures, and digital doubles and more physical type stuff.

Anyway, the other day my supervisor had an interesting insight:

When you study drawing, or sculpture, or any fine art, you always start with realism. You learn to draw from life before moving on to caricatures and abstractions and whatnot. Because I suppose all that stuff has it’s roots in realism.
However, with animation teaching, we seem to jump right into exaggeration. The fundamentals that I think most animation training is based off of comes from Disney, and other cartoony sources. Not that this is bad, I mean I like exaggerated animation, and I think it lends itself well to beginners. But I just thought that was something interesting to think about.

But it would be great if the academy at least had one creature animation class. Maybe you guys who still have a ways to go here might push to get something like that in the curriculum?

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5 Responses to Realistic versus stylized animation

  1. Léo Collomb says:

    As a “novice” I appreciate this look at the school curiculum. Its true that most of the classes prepare you to cartoonish animation (from what I read). But what about those that want to animate to match reality… Though when you have to animate something even with exaggeration, don’t you tape yourself sometime as a reference? So even for exaggerated animation you still need this base I guess.
    A realistic animation class would definitely be a good thing.

  2. Morgan Loomis says:

    Yeah, let the school know what you want!

  3. Ali says:

    Agreed man , realistic is definitely overlooked in most schools. It would have been great if we had a class where we animate a character and matchmove it into a live action plate.

  4. Anonymous says:

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