Saturday I participated in Sketchcrawl, a really cool drawing marathon that wanders around the city. It’s organized by Enrico Casarosa, a story artist at pixar. This was my first time attending, (there haven’t been that many) and my drawing skills are rather rusty, on top of not being so great in the first place. So it was a bit of a wakeup call. The idea is a group of people get together, and walk around the city drawing stuff, making sort of a record of the journey. Then at the end everyone shares what they drew with eachother.

The turnout was great, perhaps 40 artists wielding sketchpads and blocking traffic. The skill level was amazing. It was humbling to be surrounded by such talent. The stuff that showed up on my page was embarassing compared to the full fledged vistas, intriguing characters and colorful little paintings that real artists were creating around me. Partly it was inspiring, and partly it made me want to give up and become a janitor or something. The people there were Pixar story artists, professional illustrators, Cal Arts students, Concept artists, Comic book artists, and the like. Some of them will paint a mini-masterpiece in half an hour with a pocket watercolor kit. Others just had perfect line quality, or an amazing sense of character, or an uncanny attention to detail. And they were all really fast.

At the very end of the crawl we ended up at The Canvas and everyone passed their sketchbooks around to share. It was a really neat and inspiring little gathering. James and Naenae and Willie and Jessica with the blue stripe were there, as well as some new aquantences, Derek and Anthony and Kelly. And man, I need to start drawing more.

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