Waking up.

So I spent the day in Santa Cruz for my sisters birthday. It was nice. There was a lot of fruit.

Anyway I took the bus, and on the way back it was delayed like an hour and a half in San Jose. So by the time the bus was pulling into San Francisco it was 11:30. A lot of people were sleeping the whole way, but it was neat to see the change of energy as soon as the bay bridge came around the corner, all lit up. Everyone was waking up and pointing, and even I got excited, even though I’d only been gone a couple hours. I like this city.

Across the aisle from me was this little girl, maybe 3 years old or something, and when her mom woke her up she went through the cutest groggy ritual of reaching around with her arms and touching everything. I assume she was trying to get her bearings, since it was dark, and also stretching, but the way she did it was like she was petting the seats and grabbing things out of the air.

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