Week 2

Hey, so I’ve now been at Tippett for a week, it’s all going great.

Monday I finished up a walkcycle and a runcycle that I started last week. During the runcycle I discovered the facial controls, so I pulled the guy’s tongue out and had it flapping in the wind. (You know, because otherwise it’s just a runcycle…) When my supervisor came over to look at it, he said “What’s going on with his tongue? This isn’t a cartoon!”

I’m excited to get a taste of a different animation style. Most of the classes I’ve taken at the Academy have taught animation the Pixar way, which is all well and good, but not the only style in the world. The Tippett animation is really physical, and very realistic, and it’s going to be great getting that kind of critique.

Oh, and they hooked me up with this sweet keyboard.

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2 Responses to Week 2

  1. Andy says:

    Yo Morgan. I don’t know if we were ever officially introduced, but we have a lot of mutual friends at school. First of all just wanted to say thanks for the work you put into the Norman rig, it’s freaking sweet, dude. Andrew and Mike just unveiled it to us in Pixar 2 and I feel like a kid with the coolest new toy.

    Also I wanted to congratulate you on the gig with Tippett, that is awesome and you deserve it. I interviewed for that job too (your post-interview entry reads just like mine 😛 ) and Tippett looks like a rad place to work. Anyway catch you later, good luck!

  2. Morgan Loomis says:

    Hey Andy. We may have met in passing…but I’m not sure. I’m glad you like the rig, stay tuned for updates!

    Yeah, Tippett is pretty dang cool, I’m really digging it. Thanks!

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