Rigging is good for you

So on Monday I’m moving to the rigging department for a while, which is called puppet at Tippett. A lot of animators are really intimidated by rigging, I think. It’s nothing to be afraid of, guys. It’s a little complicated, at first, but once you get the gist of how things work, even just a little bit, it can really make life easier. I mean, it can only help to understand the tools that you’re working with every day, right? Maya and computers in general don’t always do things the way you’d hope, but at least they’re logical about everything, so you can learn what to expect. So a little technical experience can help you solve problems during your animation, as well as avoid gimbal lock and generally organize your scene in a way that’s going to be easier and faster to use. Add a little mel to that and you’ll be blazing along. Even though you might hope to do nothing other than animate, you’ll still be interacting with a computer that will be fighting against you every step of the way. There will always be weird problems to solve.

Plus if it weren’t for rigging, I’d be laid off right now.

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