Shaggy Dog on CGSociety

There’s an article on Shaggy Dog over at CGSociety. The article’s neat, I guess, but the part I liked best was the last two paragraphs. I think it’s a nice thing to say about Tippett, and one of the reasons I think all the people there are so great to work with. (I know it sounds like a bit of a PR spin, but Tom Schelesny’s a vfx supervisor, so you can trust him.)

“At Tippett, we develop technology, but we also develop individuals,” says Schelesny. “Our technology serves the narrative in the same way the people serve the narrative. We’re conscious about keeping the production effort sustainable.”

“Every company has its own culture,” he adds. “Some are corporate; others are non-corporate. They have different ways of focusing on the work as opposed to focusing on the money. By no means is it a corporate culture at Tippett. We’re focused on filmmaking. People need to go into visual effects being happy to break even. It’s the filmmaking effort that makes it worth while.”

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