Animation Tech Tip: Frame Step

Like stepping through frames, but hate spamming your undo queue? Change your frame forward and back hotkeys so that they temporarily turn off the undo queue when they run, and you wont have to hit z 50 times just to get to the place where you actually need to undo something. Go into your hotkey editor and replace the command for frame forward and back with the following:

undoInfo -stateWithoutFlush off;
undoInfo -stateWithoutFlush on;
undoInfo -stateWithoutFlush off;
undoInfo -stateWithoutFlush on;
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2 Responses to Animation Tech Tip: Frame Step

  1. G1toons says:

    question where do i put this script, do i just run it in the script editor?

  2. Morgan Loomis says:

    These are short enough that they don't need to be encapsulated in a separate mel file. In this case it's easier to just copy the code into the hotkey editor, shelf editor, or marking menu editor, depending on how you want to run it. The first three lines steps forward, the next three lines step back, so they're two separate things that should get their own hotkeys or what have you.

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