New Tippett Studio Website

Tippett’s new website just launched, highlighting the work we did on New Moon:

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5 Responses to New Tippett Studio Website

  1. SteveArts says:

    Thanks for the link- i wanted to work in VFX when i was a child & they were still using practical effects- but i soon realised that digital would take over so i didn't pursue it- i really envy your position.

    Steve C

  2. Morgan Loomis says:

    It's never too late! There's still plenty of hands-on art to do, even in a digital medium.

  3. SteveArts says:

    I fell in love with the days of matt paintings-blue screen & minitures.
    What is involved hands on these days?
    setting up & filming difficult elements like water & fire?
    Last film i heard of using practicle minitures was Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull to maintain the look of the series…

  4. SteveArts says:

    what is involved in practicle filming of vfx now- filming seprate difficult elements like fire & water?
    last movie I heard was using practicle effects was Indianna Jones & the Crystal Skull because they wanted to maintain the look of the series.

  5. Morgan Loomis says:

    Lots of movies still use miniatures and matte paintings. Matte paintings are done digitally, but it still takes a talented painter to pull them off. Miniatures are used probably more often than you think, too. The Lord of the Rings was full of them, and even unlikely movies like the Aviator found use for miniatures. The integration is so good now it's harder to notice. And bluescreen is used more than ever. Any movie with any kind of effects is likely to have a bluscreen work in it.
    Aside from that, the process of creating a character involves sketches, paintings and maquettes before it can be realized in the computer.
    And the farther the software progresses, the more it seeks to emulate sculpting and painting.

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