No More Pixar Class? Norman, Be Free.

I just saw over at SplineDoctors that the Pixar class has been nixed from the Academy. Andrew Gordon was a teacher of mine, he has a little editorial about it, and the discussion going on in the comments is worth looking at, too:
Academy of Art and the Pixar Classes

I’ll just say that personally those classes were a highlight of my education, they were fun and challenging and I learned a lot about animation from the teachers and students alike. I’m not sure I’d be where I am now without those classes, so it’s sad to see them go. I feel bad for the students who were looking forward to them. Hopefully the Academy can gain some sense of what they had and how they lost it.

But anyway, this change of events puts Norman in an interesting position. See, the original idea for the rig was to make something everyone could use, but as it was finishing up, the Pixar teachers asked if it could be kept exclusive for the Pixar class. It was never anything formal, but I’ve personally tried to honor that request. But now he’s getting old, and it’s time for him to see the world. I’ve put him online and attached a Creative Commons license to him, since I think he embodies those principles pretty well. So here you go, have fun:

Norman, be free!

UPDATE: Norman has been taken down for now, pending a resolution between myself and his other creators.

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