Norman Online

For reals this time. Get him here:

Norman is free to use for non-commercial purposes, as stated in the license. Animate him, edit him, pass him along, and have fun! 
Thanks to everyone who contributed:

Leif Jeffers
Peter Starostin
Neal Thibodeaux
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4 Responses to Norman Online

  1. Daniel Huertas says:

    Hi Morgan, first of all thanx a lot for sharing such a nice rig for free and with amazing rig characteristics… I am a 3dsmax animator and we won’t have enough free rigs out there.. so now i am kinda switching to Maya just to animate Norman! 🙂

    I have a website where they show some steps on how to modify norman but even with that it’s been almost impossible for me to change it… can you give me some tips, or a video walkthrough of how to modify norman for demoreel purposes? it would be great if the community would have that.. i have seen amazing from from the AAU and some of the norman modifications were amazing.. i would like to give it a shot.. but i kinda suck in maya.. so that’s why i am asking for help..

    thanx a million! 🙂

  2. Morgan Loomis says:

    Thanks Daniel. The funny thing is, I haven’t really used Norman in years, and when I did I didn’t really modify him that much. The customization that people have done is really impressive, and I honestly didn’t expect him to be that versatile. I personally don’t have a lot of time to support Norman these days, but part of what I’m hoping with this release is that the support will come more from the community. I’d love to see people writing tutorials, or even posting their modification of the rig for others. So if anyone wants to do that or is already doing it, I’d love to hear about it and help spread the word.

    So, good luck, and sorry to say that it might be a long time before I get around to doing any tutorials myself.

  3. Matt says:

    Hi Morgan, many thanks to you and the other guys for sharing this rig – awesome work! I wanted to ask whether you would have any issues with him being converted over to other software? Softimage has a huge lack of decent character animation rigs and I’d love to have a go at converting him when some free time pops up.

  4. Morgan Loomis says:

    Yeah, go right ahead.

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