Spiderwick Reel

I put this on Vimeo a while ago, but never posted it here. These are my favorite shots from the Spiderwick Chronicles. I’m hoping to post Charlotte’s Web work next.

Spiderwick Animation Reel from Morgan Loomis on Vimeo.

Shot Breakdown:

1 – Bird: Responsible for animation of the bird, string and leaves. This shot was a lot of fun, I watched a lot of bird reference and played with the motion blur by sliding the whole animation by quarder frames until I liked how it looked.

2 – Goblin Attack 1: Responsible for all goblin animation. Originally they were getting much more cut up. Oh well.

3 – Goblin Attack 2: Responsible for all goblin animation.

4 – House Siege: Shared shot with Jason Armstrong. I animated about half of the goblins and Redcap. This was a fun shot to work on, it’s entirely keyframe animation, and we had to work closely back and forth with eachother to make sure characters weren’t running through eachother or twinning or anything. We both spent about a month on it.

5 – Hoggy: Responsible for all animation. Sadly, in the original version he was supposed to eat a bird that he had been saving in his pocket, but then the dialog changed. That would have been fun.
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