Cats and Dogs 2 Tech Demo

Head over to Computer Graphics World to see Tippett’s awesome technology demo that was put together for Siggraph after Cats and Dogs 2:

Awesome Cats and Dogs 2 Tech Demo

It highlights the major challenges we had with Kitty Galore with regards to rigging and shading. The video goes through these points:

  • Reference we looked at.
  • Sculpted poses. We did full body sculpts of poses that could then be broken out into individual correctives.
  • Vector displacement.
  • Global wrinkle and muscle maps. These were sculpted as vector displacement maps and then masked dynamically.
  • Muscle system, MayaMuscle plus a few in-house deformers.
  • Strain maps, which were the dynamic masks for wrinkle and muscle maps, generated by the stretching or compressing of the mesh.
  • Facial displacement target sculpts, and their vector displacement maps.
  • Dynamic displacement masks driven by the facial system, through a variety of ways, including pose space, direct attribute, and skin strain.
  • Two types of fur.
  • Two types of sub-surface scattering.

I took part in a lot of the maya side of these things, including building the muscle system and correctives, and developing the interface between the puppet and the shaders. Most of the modelling was done by Bif Wingard, art direction by Nate Fredenberg, shading and rendering by Aharon Bourland, programming support from Mike Farnsworth and Mike Root, and a lot more from a whole bunch of other talented people at Tippett! Thanks everyone!

There’s also a second reel which shows off some of the other characters, but not as in-depth. And here’s the¬†accompanying¬†article, which I just now found.

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