Cats and Dogs 2

I finally got to see Cats and Dogs 2, after over a year of working on it and then another 9 months of waiting. It was great to see the work again, especially after taking such a long break from it. It always flies by so fast in the theatre, it’s hard to quantify the amount time and effort that went into each shot.

I think Kitty and Seamus both turned out well, and I’m proud of the work I did on them along with the rest of the awesome team at Tippett. It was my first big project as a rigging lead, and I really enjoyed working with supervisors and artists in other departments to solve these characters’ unique problems. This show was also fun in that I had the opportunity to both rig and animate, which is always a nice bonus.

I suppose if anyone’s interested, I could talk more specifically about the rigging challenges these characters posed, or on the off-chance that anyone has any questions, feel free to comment! And I’ll post some of the shots I worked on when I get them.

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