New Script: Breakdown Dragger

I recently discovered the draggerContext command, which lets you query the position of the mouse in the viewport. This was a bit of a revelation to me, since I’ve transitioned to a tablet and have consequently been getting rid of my hotkeys. I first wrote this tool with UI and a slider, but I hated having to hunt down the window when it popped up. The draggerContext is great because you don’t have to take your eyes off of what you’re doing.

Basically what it does is weights keyframes toward the next or previous key. I use it all the time to adjust the spacing between poses. Either select keys, or go to the frame you want to edit, and run the tool. Your cursor will turn into a hand, and when you click and drag in the viewport it will adjust the value of the keyframes toward the next or previous key. If you middle-mouse drag, it will blend the keyframes toward or away from the average of the surrounding keys. That’s useful for softening animation spikes.

Since this may be a bit abstract, I tried putting together a video to illustrate how to use it. It’s not a very good video, but hopefully you get the point?

Download on the tools page, or just right here: ml_breakdownDragger

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2 Responses to New Script: Breakdown Dragger

  1. bjarki rafn says:

    Really great script!! Thanks allot for this one!!
    One thing, is it a possibility to have keep the previous tangent type when using this script? For example when in stepped mode, the script always changes the tangents to spline. It would be nice to be able to keep the tangent still in stepped when using this script?

  2. That’s a good call, I had noticed that too. I’ll fix it!

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