New Script: Hold

ml_hold is a collection of a couple different ways to make animation holds. This is another script that I use a hundred times a day. It has two main functionalities, one works on a time range and the other works on keys.

The “Current” and “Average” buttons are range functions. Current sets the value of the hold to the current frame value, and average sets the value of the hold to the average of all keys across the range. The range is determined by one of 3 things, in the following order:

  1. The highlighted range in the time slider.
  2. The highest and lowest selected keys in the graph editor.
  3. If nothing is selected, the previous and next keys from the current time determine the range.

A good example of where this has saved me a bunch of time is with locking down foot plants. I’ll often start with a cycle translated through space, and when you do that you end up with a lot of sliding and messy curves. If you highlight the frames that a foot is supposed to be planted and do an “Average” hold, it will lock it down roughly in the center of it’s motion and give you a nice clean hold.

The “Previous” and “Next” buttons set the value of the selected key or current frame to the value of either the next or previous key. Basically quicker and easier than copying and pasting keys to create a hold.

I tried to do another little video to illustrate this all a bit better:

ml_hold is on the tools page!

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