New Script: World Bake

I’ve uploaded another tool, for baking animation to worldspace locators. Basically what it does is constrains locators to your objects, and then bakes them out to save what your animation was doing in worldspace. It also creates connections from the locators to the animated source objects, so that you can quickly bake back from the locators later. Here’s what I use this for:

Say you’ve made a run cycle at the origin, and now you want your character actually to be running through your scene. So you group the whole character and animate that group moving around the scene while the run cycle loops in local space. Now that you have your path figured out, you want that running animation to be in worldspace, so that you can lock down the feet. Grab all your worldspace controls, in this case it might be the root and the ik feet, and bake to locators. Then ungroup your character, or delete the topNode animation, then select the locators, and hit the “From Locators” button to bake it back. Now you have your animation in worldspace.

Check it out in the tools section, if you think it might be handy:

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