Save the Hobbit Rally

New Zealand film industry people rallied yesterday in Wellington and other cities around the country to show solidarity and support for filming the Hobbit here. It coincided with the arrival of executives from Warner Bros who are here to take stock and decide what’s going to happen with the film.

I found the demonstration to be really positive and uplifting. Everything that has happened with The Hobbit has inspired a lot of depressing rhetoric on the state of the industry, so it was nice to take a break from the global controversy and hear local people talk about what it really is that makes this industry and this country a great place to be. Here’s the first youtube video I found of the event, although I’m sure there will be more: Update, I swapped out the video with a more polished one:

Rally for the Hobbit. Wellington City – 25.10.10 from Rachel Dickinson on Vimeo.

UPDATE: has a nice write-up on the whole thing with more pictures.

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  1. Rolling Red says:

    Thank God that someone in the NZ press has some sense. It is sharp and witty and self critical:Hobbit folk grovel to feudal movie lords. The independent Kiwi progressive voice I remember, love and admire.

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