James Cameron is a Nice Guy

James Cameron at the Avatar Party

James Cameron flew down to Wellington to throw us another Avatar party on Friday. We all thought it was a little funny, now that the movie has been out for over a year, but no-one’s going to complain about another party. I didn’t really know what to expect from Jim, since he certainly didn’t have any obligation to throw a party or even attend, so I have to say that I was impressed. He got up on stage briefly to thank everyone again, and said he felt bad for never throwing a proper wrap party for the whole crew. Then the rest of the evening he mingled through the crowd, meeting and talking with as many people as possible. The poor guy was bombarded by the crowd and the cameras, but he stayed up-beat and friendly. I would not have expected that from a high-profile director of the most successful movie ever made. (And now it looks like the sequels may have an official release date.)

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