New Tool: Arc Tracer

I’ve uploaded two new scripts to the tools page. is basically to imitate the benefits of drawing on your screen with a dry-erase marker. Its similar to creating a motion trail, but you can create it as an overlay on the camera, so that you can see the path something is travelling in screen space. It uses paint effect to draw the line, so its nice and thick. Frames are ticked black, keyframes red, with the current frame highlighted. Here’s a quick example:

The second script that I uploaded is called, and it isn’t really a tool or a standalone script. Most scripts that I write share code, and up until now I’ve just been duplicating those functions in each script to make them self-contained. That’s not really the best way to work, because different tools can get out of sync, but I wanted to make it easier for people to use the tools without needing to download and deal with a bunch of extra files. But now I’ve settled on a compromise, which is to combine all the shared functions and classes into one file, called, and you’ll need to download that file in addition to the scripts that require it. I’ve tried to make the process as user friendly as I can, so if you download a tool that requires ml_utilities it will let you know if it doesn’t find it, and warn you if it thinks it’s out of date. Any updates on existing scripts going forward will most likely require ml_utilities as well.

This script also requires euclid, which is a great little open source module for doing vector math, so you’ll have to download that too, and put it in your script directory just like a regular script.

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