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Happy New Year! Over the past couple weeks I’ve been noodling with my script publishing workflow. One of the things I wanted to do was have a support page for each script, but I didn’t want to maintain a bunch of extra pages by hand. Someone pointed me toward TiddlyWiki as a cool, self contained wiki, and I thought that would make a good format for help pages. I found a python script by Ryan Dale for generating tiddlyWiki code, so now I can automatically generate a help page from the script header and code when I publish a script. It was a fun exercise that probably got a bit bloated and took way too long, but I’m pleased with the result. The download page links to the individual help pages for each script, or you can browse the wiki here.

All the scripts have been updated: everything got a documentation update, and scripts with a UI will now have a link to this online help. In addition to that, the following scripts got actual functionality updates:

  • ml_breakdownDragger: Holding shift now allows you to blend past the 100%, so that you can overshoot.
  • ml_setKey: Now deselects selected channels after being run. I’ve found that sometimes I’ve had channels selected and wanted to set a key on everything, and it’s kind of a pain to deselect channels.

I also removed the frameStepForward and frameStepBackward scripts, since they were only a couple lines long and didn’t really feel like tools. The code itself is easy enough to copy into a hotkey, and you can find it here. Hopefully that will make room for some more scripts in the near future!

Have a great 2011!

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5 Responses to Tool Update

  1. Thanks for the Python script man.

  2. You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Jonas says:

    Hi, I was just starting to think yesterday, not for the first time, about ways to document my ever burgeoning toolbox of scripts and this is the perfect thing. Thanks for reminding me and for the heads up on the python script to add a tiddler automatically. It’s just what I was looking for.

  4. Cool, I don’t know if you’ve played with TiddlyWiki much yet, but you can also get themes and plugins for it. It’s a neat little platform, I’m considering what else to do with it (recipe book?).

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