Tool Updates

Following up that last post, I’ve updated ml_hold and ml_worldBake.

ml_worldBake got a pretty significant update, so if that’s something you use I’d recommend upgrading. Basically how it worked before is that it directly constrained animated nodes, and then baked them. That can cause some issues, because it would try to create pairblend nodes if the object had keyframes on it. If you have that preference turned off, the tool just wouldn’t work, and there were other cases where you could get cycleCheck warnings or crashes. So now it doesn’t directly constrain the nodes, instead it duplicates them and constrains the duplicate, and then gets the transform values from that new node. It doesn’t use maya’s bake command, either, which means that it can be a bit slower when you’re baking on ones, but a lot faster when you have sparse keys. I’ve also added an option to directly match a selection, rather than just going back and forth with locators. There’s still issues with accuracy when you’re baking from a lot of locators to a hierarchy of nodes, because the order that transforms are set matters. I have a plan for fixing that, but haven’t implemented it yet. If you have any issues with a bunch of nodes, try baking things one at a time.

ml_hold got a minor update, just a fix to a UI bug. But both the scripts now require ml_utilities.

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