New Tool: Camera Depth Dragger (Plus Tool Update)

I’ve added a new tool to the Tools Pageml_cameraDepthDragger is another script that uses the dragger context, in this case to move an object directly toward or away from the viewing camera. This effectively changes the size of an object in frame without actually changing its scale. It’s helpful when you have an object where you want it in screen space, but it’s too close to camera and all you need is to move it further away (or vice versa). It’s pretty basic, in the future I’d like to have it adjust the rate that the values change based on the distance from camera and the lens length, so that it always behaves consistently.

I’ve also updated two tools:

ml_setKey has gotten a long-overdue update to use ml_utilities, make it work with middle-mouse dragging the timeline, and fixing some bugs with the insert option. Some its features have been eclipsed by the last few updates to Maya, but I still use it exclusively for setting keys.

ml_convertRotationOrder has had a significant update as well, the previous revision was really basic. The hardest part about switching rotation orders is actually knowing what to switch it to, so I added a suggestion button, which looks at a node and tries to figure out which rotation orders might improve its situation. Figuring out the best rotation order for an action is never going to be as easy as hitting a button, but hopefully this new recommendation system can help. Let me know what you think!

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