New Tool: ml_deleteKey

New on the tools page, ml_deleteKey is the counterpart to ml_setKey. Most people set keys with the “S” hotkey, and it’s always made sense to me to have a hotkey that deletes keys in a similar way. I use this tool assigned to the “D” key, which seems perfect as it stands for “Delete” and is located right next to “S.” The basic idea was to have a button that cuts the key on the current frame, without having to select anything in the graph editor or highlight the timeline. In addition to that simple functionality, it has similar options to ml_setKey, such as cutting keys that aren’t exactly on whole frames, deleting only what’s visible in the graph editor, or deleting all keys on a selected channel. All the options work together and are evaluated in the order that they’re listed in the tool. Running the tool with no options will cut all the animation on the selected nodes. Enjoy!

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