New Tool: ml_goToKeyframe (and some updates)

I’ve added a new tool, called ml_goToKeyframe, for stepping through keys. It has the same basic functionality of maya’s findKeyframe command, with a few added features. It only loops through selected keys, or what’s visible in the graph editor. It also has an option to round frames, so that the playhead only stops on whole-number frames when your keys aren’t snapped. Head over to the tools page to check it out.

Using this tool will require you to update to the latest ml_utilities script. There’s also been updates to ml_setKey and ml_deleteKey, fixing bugs and bringing them up to date with the latest ml_utilities as well. ml_setKey has surprisingly been one of the most complicated scripts to figure out, and I still find little bugs with it once in a while. If you had trouble with it in the past, you may want to give it another go as it should be more stable now than when it was first published.

As always, feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to New Tool: ml_goToKeyframe (and some updates)

  1. Gah, I’ve had more opportunity to test these today, and there’s still some big bugs I’ll have to try to find tonight. deleteKey doesn’t really seem to work at all, not sure what I was thinking there….

  2. Alright, I just uploaded new versions of ml_utilities and ml_deleteKey, hopefully everything is working properly now. But we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

  3. ruaraidh says:

    Hi Morgan, first want to say I love your scripts and thanks so much for putting them out there! use them daily…

    only small issue is I have never got ml_gotokeyframe to work… I get 2 errors;

    1. # Error: Tool out of date. See script editor for details. #

    and 2. AttributeError: file C:/Users/##/Documents/maya/2014-x64/scripts\ line 1294: ‘KeySelection’ object has no attribute ‘selected’ #

    any idea what I’m doing wrong?.. all your other scripts work great! only trouble with ml_setKey (which I much prefer to mayas own) is that even when I set its hotkey to ‘s’ Maya forces its on version on that hotkey on each new session – infuriating!…

    anyway cheers again!

  4. Hello, for the first problem, have you tried downloading the latest ml_goToKeyframe and ml_utilities again? It sounds like either one or the other is out of date and is expecting a later version. Just try re-downloading both, and if that doesn’t solve it, let me know.
    I’m not sure about the second problem, do other hotkeys stay, and it’s just s that is getting overridden? If you try a hotkey other than s, does that work? I actually stopped relying on maya’s preferences a long time ago, and I have a startup script which sets my hotkeys per-session, so I wouldn’t have run into this.

  5. ruaraidh says:

    Yeah I tried using the latest scripts but still no joy – just for that one script it doesn’t seem to be working.

    And yes, if set to ‘alt s’ the hotkey for ml_setkey works fine. I think maya just doesnt like the ‘s’ key being overridden.. I’ve had similar problems with trying to bind ‘F1’ to a new function.

    Thanks for the reply though! 🙂

  6. ruaraidh says:

    fyi I think I managed to map ml_setkey to Maya’s Default ‘s’ hotkey permanently by commenting out the name command in the hotkeySetup.mel in the startup folder. Hopefully that won’t cause any issues!

    (well its working for now but this is Maya so I wouldnt be surprised if it reverts back somehow!)

    I love being able to hit ‘s’ and it only keys previously keyed channels – so thanks again 🙂

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