So, The Hobbit is Out of the Bag

Let me know what you thought, especially if you saw it at 48 fps. The reviews have been mixed but mostly good, so I’m very curious to see how fellow VFX artists and the general public receive it. It’s such a huge event and film that it’s hard for me to step back far enough for an unbiased perspective.

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2 Responses to So, The Hobbit is Out of the Bag

  1. Dhruv Govil says:

    I saw it yesterday in 4k 48fps 3D (what a mouthfull) and I really enjoyed the 48fps.
    It took all of us about half an hour to get used to it, and there were a few shots sprinkled around that called attention to themselves, but for the most part it was like night and day compared to 24.
    So much detail and clarity.

    There were definitely some teething issues: editing and compositing come to mind, but also a few shots felt ramped.
    I agree with the comments that the CG and makeup need to step up a huge amount. They were fantastic and never took me out of the moment (Especially gollum, what a performance!), but the presence of post work was very heightened by the extra detail.

    All in all, great work.
    (Story was a little stretched, but like Fellowship, I’m treating it like a long intro)

  2. Yep, I agree on pretty much all those points. Thanks!

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