Tool Icons?

I’ve always wanted to make icons for all these tools, but in general I feel like that is a lower priority than actually finishing and releasing scripts, so I’ve finally admitted to myself that it’s going to take way longer than I like to design icons for everything. A couple people have mentioned to me that they like to make their own icons, so that got me thinking…

If you’ve made icons for any of these tools (or feel like making some), I’d love to steal them! So if you’d like to share, send me an email or link to your awesome icon in the comments. Or if you even have ideas for icons, that might help push me along. For the icons I like I’ll either incorporate them directly or adjust them slightly to work within a theme. Currently, my boring generic icon is what you see in the upper left corner there, but I might include that as an overlay for all the icons to help tie them together. Who knows! Anyway, not sure what kind of response I’ll get, but I’d appreciate any assistance.


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2 Responses to Tool Icons?

  1. Chris Lesage says:

    Are you interested in making the icons or just having icons? If the latter, I suggest checking a site like iStockPhoto either for icons to purchase or at least inspiration and ideas for designing your own.

    When I’m making tools for internal, non-public use at a studio, I’ll sometimes just grab some .png files on google images.

  2. Yeah, I may go that route. For now I’m just sticking with generic placeholders and I’ll just update them as I’m inspired.

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