UI and Documentation Update

This feels like a big update for me, because I’ve rolled out a few things that I’ve been tinkering with for a while, but function-wise there isn’t really much change to the actual tools. The 4 big updates are:

  1. Documentation – I’ve updated the Tool Wiki to hopefully be a bit cleaner and easier to understand. It’s not a huge change, most of the work went into how I was parsing the headers of the scripts, so that now it’s generated all at once rather than only updating one script at a time when I publish them.
  2. Support – I’ve added a page on the website for submitting bugs or feedback. I don’t really get that much mail about tools, but all the same I wanted a more official and easier way for people to get in touch.
  3. UI – The biggest update is within ml_utilities. Every tool with a ui calls the ml_utilties.MlUi() object, which has now been updated with a standard menu and support for icons. That means that you only need to download the latest ml_utilities and all the UI’s of your current tools should be updated. The menu just has links to the updated wiki and feedback pages, as well as a few other tidbits for adding the tool to the shelf and downloading an icon.
  4. Icons – I’ve started making icons for some of the tools, you can see them on the wiki pages or through the new menu in the UI. There’s only a couple for now, but I wanted to roll it out anyway. If you want to use your own icons, all you have to do is create a png named after the script, put it in your icon directory, and the tools should pick it up.


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  1. I just now uploaded a new revision of ml_utilities, which has a couple bug fixes, so if you downloaded in the last day and ran into an error, just download again.

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