Breakdown Dragger Bug

It turns out the version of ml_breakdownDragger that’s been available on this site for the last couple months didn’t actually work. I hadn’t noticed because I had done an update but never uploaded it. Anyway, it’s fixed now, so if you’ve run into an error please grab it again. Sorry about that!

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2 Responses to Breakdown Dragger Bug

  1. Nelson says:

    Hi Morgan – I love this tool! Big part of my everyday use. I was just curious – do you know if it’s possible to drag in the graph editor instead of the viewport? Is that something that can be modified in the script, or is that even possible in Maya? Thanks again!

  2. I know, I also wish that worked. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible with the draggerContext command I’m using, it could be possible some other way but I haven’t investigated. Glad you like it!

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