Reorganized Tools, New Tools

I’ve updated the Tools page to organize the scripts into two different categories, animation and rigging. I wanted to start adding some more simple rigging utilities, the first two new ones are Parent Shape and Reset Bind. ml_parentShape reparents shape  nodes to other transforms, or unparents shapes from their transforms, and ml_resetBind resets skinCluster deformations after moving some joints around. They’re both pretty basic and straightforward, (and I’m sure they’ve been written before) but I figured I’d share them because I get a lot of use out of them in any case.

I’ve also added one new animation tool, ml_transferKeytimes. Again, a pretty basic utility, just copies the keytimes (not the keys) from any one node to a group of others. A use case for this is if you’ve set key poses on a root control, and you want a group of other controls to have all their keys set on the same frames as that one control, this can transfer keytimes while preserving animation (insofar as that’s possible).

Grab them from the Tools page!

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5 Responses to Reorganized Tools, New Tools

  1. brewery says:

    Hi Morgan, cheers for these as always look really useful!

    I have asked this before (in the bug report page) so extreme apologies if you’ve answered elsewhere and I just haven’t seen it!

    Just regarding ‘ml_setKey’ and the function of ‘key only keyed channels’ not working for me regardless of what I seem to do.
    I’d so love to get this to work (as keying all the channels all the time is a painful mess) but just havent been able to thus far.
    I Have the most up to date ml_utilities (rev10) and ml_SetKey (rev9) and running Maya 2014.
    Sorry if Im being a pain but any help or suggestions at all would be mega-appreciated!


    (p.s Good luck with the Puppeteer project – looks really great and I will definitely be following its progress! 😀 )

  2. Hey man, you’re right, not sure when that broke but I’ll take a look today. Thanks!

  3. brewery says:

    awesome! be great to have that functionality back.

    Cheers Morgan!

  4. Hey dude, I just published an update, grab the newest ml_utilities (version 11), that should fix it. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. brewery says:

    So Cool! 😀

    Thanks for the amazingly quick response mate, much appreciated!

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