Dummy Update

I’ve been sitting on a dummy puppet update for a while, since he’s only really useful as a showcase I haven’t had too much incentive to keep him up to date, but I still think he’s good for showing where Puppeteer development is at. The biggest update I’m testing with this release is the puppeteer context menu:dummy_puppetContextMenu

In theory if you have the ml_puppet.py script in your scripts directory, this should be the menu you see when you right click on any of dummy’s controls. Having these sorts of tools quickly and easily accessible can really help with animating efficiently.

If you download the latest dummy zip, it contains the latest ml_puppet and ml_utilities which is required for this menu to work. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Version: 8
900.4 KiB
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4 Responses to Dummy Update

  1. Steev says:

    Thx for the update Morgan! I’ve been trying to check this out in maya and am getting this error when opening the maya file…

    “# Error: line 1: IOError: file C:/Users/myUserDir/Documents/maya/2015-x64/scripts\ml_puppet.py line 774: 2 # ”

    …it’s choking on initPuppetContextMenu at the point where it’s opening (i assume) dagMenuProc.mel


  2. Hey Steev, thanks for the feedback. I hadn’t had a chance to try this out on a windows machine yet. I think I have a fix, could you give it a try? Just download the latest ml_puppet.py script.

  3. Steev says:

    revision 8 of ml_puppet.py fixed the error! however, when right-clicking over a ctrl object i would then get this…

    # Error: line 2: AttributeError: file C:/Users/skelly/Documents/maya/2015-x64/scripts\ml_puppet.py line 900: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘resetPuppetControl’ #

    … and no menu for the selected ctrl would appear (just the general right-click options for the puppet)

    it appears that ml_resetChannels.py is also required. once i pulled that from your tools wiki and placed it in the scripts directory it worked perfectly!

    thanks for you help morgan and allowing me learn new tricks from you!

  4. Steev, so sorry, I realized I never replied. Did this ever work out for you, or are you still having issues?

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