New Crowdfunded Tool: AnimCurveEditor

Happy Leap-Day! This month’s tool is a collection of lots of little tools for editing animation curves. It’s not too flash, but I’m hoping to make up for that with volume. It’s divided into 6 sections: for offsetting, cutting, scaling in time, scaling value, clamping values, and clean-up. Each section is a tab with it’s own options and info, it all looks a bit busy for a UI but hopefully it will be self-explanatory.


The workflows promoted by this tool are all about editing animation curves as a whole, rather than individual keys. Maya doesn’t have great workflows for editing large numbers of keys, for example offsetting all the animation in your scene. There can be a lot of room for error in finding your keys, selecting them all, and then editing them in a precise way. For a long time I had a bunch of little code snippets lying around for doing these sort of operations, and this tool is a way to finally bring them all together and polish them up in one place. Many of the operations are what you might expect to see in a more NLE toolset, just not as fancy.


The core of the workflow is a drop-down menu for choosing which curves to operate on. Selected Nodes, Selected Channels, Hierarchy is a whole puppet, Graph Editor is just the curves you have shown in the graph editor, and Entire Scene will affect all the animation in the scene. This setting sets which animation the tools operate on. From there, choose your tab, set your options, and scale, slip or slice away. If there’s common operations you want to save, just set your settings and right-click the button to save it as a shelf button or hotkey.

In order to get this working, I had to do an update to ml_utilities, so make sure you grab that as well or else it will error.

Anim Curve Editor
Anim Curve Editor
Version: 2
21.4 KiB
Ml Utilities
Ml Utilities
Version: 28
74.1 KiB

Thanks again to my Patreon backers for the motivation, enjoy and let me know if anything is unclear or if you come across any bugs.

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