New Crowdfunded Tool: Tangent Weight

Hello again, another month, another tool! I’m posting this one a bit early, because any day now my family is going to be suddenly indisposed for a while.

This months tool is a small one, but is based on another workflow which I wish was a bit easier and more integrated into maya. When controlling your spacing, rather than adding keys, sometimes it can be nice to adjust tangents instead. The issue with adjusting tangents by hand is that you have to set the whole curve to weighted, and then you can’t easily change the length of a tangent without also adjusting the angle.


With this tool, you adjust tangent weight up or down without having to select the tangents. As an example, to make a classic bouncing ball curve, you’d select the trough keys and decrease the tangents, then select the peak keys and increase the tangents.


For me this works best to assign to a hotkey, so you can quickly increase and decrease tangents incrementally. Enjoy!

Tangent Weight
Tangent Weight
Version: 3
6.3 KiB

Thanks again to my Patreon contributors for making this possible!

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