October Tool: Copy Skin Clusters

Another rigging tool this month. This will simply copy a skinCluster from one skinned mesh to another, with a couple simple but key additions to maya’s existing Copy Skin workflow. First of all, the destination mesh doesn’t need to have a skinCluster, or the same influences. If there is no skin, one will be created, and missing influences will be added. That just makes life easier in the majority of situations where you copy skins. Secondly, it also supports copying weights to a selection of vertices, rather than the whole mesh, which is often necessary but not always straightforward.

So it’s a pretty simple and basic little tool, but the underlying workflow has saved me a lot of tedious time over the years. Give it a go:

Copy Skin
Copy Skin
Version: 1
6.9 KiB

Just two tools left this year, and then the Patreon experiment will be over for now. Thanks so much to my Patrons!

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5 Responses to October Tool: Copy Skin Clusters

  1. Ru says:

    Cheers Morgan,

    getting this error however on trying to run the script to open UI?:

    Error: AttributeError: file line 85: ‘CopySkinUI’ object has no attribute ‘selectionField’ #


  2. Yeah forgot to mention this requires the latest version of ml_utilities.

  3. Ru says:

    Ah of course! sorry Morgan I should know that by now!

    Just tried with revison 22 and get this error:

    Error: TypeError: file C:/Users/ru/Documents/maya/scripts\ml_copySkin.py line 88: selectionField() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘text’

    Im sure ive forgotting something silly though!
    thanks again

  4. Ah you’re right, the ml_utilities upload looks like it didn’t work last night, but I’ve made sure its there now. Proper version should be 24. Thanks!

  5. Ru says:

    That’s great, thanks Morgan! 🙂

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