December Tool: ml_softWeights

Happy New Year! Just passed midnight here and so 2017 has officially started in New Zealand. It’s been a year of coding, I’ve stuck to my goal of publishing 12 tools in 12 months. The final one is now available. It’s a rigging tool, for setting either cluster or skin weights based on soft selection. Soft selection in maya is a nice tool for controlling falloff of influence across a mesh, but by default only really applies to moving vertices. This tool allows you to set your falloff, and then convert that falloff to deformer weights, either as a cluster or skinCluster. Soft selection to cluster isn’t a new concept, but I’ve found this to be very useful when applied to skinning as well. It can be difficult to paint perfectly linear falloff, or other specific types of falloff, but this allows you to do that quite quickly and easily.

Soft Weights
Soft Weights
Version: 1
6.4 KiB

Run the tool to open the UI, select vertices and adjust your soft selection, and then use the button to create a cluster, or shift-select a joint and use the button to overwrite the weights for that joint.

Thanks again everyone who has supported my ambitions this year. I plan on continuing to release scripts in the future, but probably not as regularly or as often. I consider this campaign a success. Good luck to everyone in the new year!

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One Response to December Tool: ml_softWeights

  1. ranjith says:

    Cheers ,
    congrats on the success of your campaign ,
    i visit to your blog every month to have a look on your tools, since i came across this. actually you inspired me a lot,
    even i started to writing some basic tools which i can use at my work, don’t stop this campaign . all the best. happy new year to you =)

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