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Pixar Tentacles

Here’s my friend and mentor Jeremie Talbot talking about octopus rigging. Can’t wait to see this guy in action!

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New Tool: Graph Editor Mask

I’ve added a new tool at the end of last month, but have been slow to post about it. Graph Editor Mask is a way of quickly isolating or masking curves in the graph editor by channel, axis, or selection. So … Continue reading

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May Bonus Tool: Frame Graph Editor

This tool comes from a request, and was perfectly timed since even though I was happy to get the shelf out, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have a new tool to share. The request came up in this … Continue reading

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ml_worldBake Update

I’ve updated ml_worldBake to support weighted tangents, all you need is to download the latest ml_utilities script for it to work.

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Animation Tool Shelf

This month’s tool is a bit of a punt (it’s been a crazy busy month), but something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s all the animation tools bundled as a shelf, with fancy icons! I don’t know … Continue reading

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Bye For Now, Weta

Yesterday was my last day at Weta for now, I’ve taken a new gig for a change of scenery on a project that I’m pretty excited about. More on that later. I was given a traditional leaving present from the animation department, … Continue reading

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Time for another Thank You!

The latest round of Patreon supporters include a lot of familiar names (and a lot of talented animators). Thank you, friends! Todd Elliot Carmelo Leggiero Andrew Park Jesse Vickery Dan R. Paulsen

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Against all better judgement, I’ve started a Twitter account.

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New Crowdfunded Tool: Tangent Weight

Hello again, another month, another tool! I’m posting this one a bit early, because any day now my family is going to be suddenly indisposed for a while. This months tool is a small one, but is based on another … Continue reading

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Bad Bob Puppet

CGSpectrum has made available for free another rig that I helped out with, named Bad Bob: Grab him here: (Have a look at Tiger too if you haven’t already.)  

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