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New Tool: ml_toolbox

Courtesy of my Patreon supporters, I’ve uploaded the first tool of 2016, ml_toolbox! ml_toolbox is a utility for organizing scripts in maya. It came about from having a very crowded scripts directory, with no good way to organize or group scripts on disk and … Continue reading

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Thanks Supporters!

Thanks to more of you fine people: Carsten Seller Duncan Rudd Ruaraidh Gillies

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Halfway Through Month One

Thank you supporters! Here’s a couple of you: Brian Chambaere Craig Penn Jonathan Lyons Juani Guiraldes …and 6 others, hopefully I can share them soon as well. I honestly appreciate it. I’m polishing up the first script, I’m just going to … Continue reading

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Comedy for Animators Book

My friend Jonathan Lyons has just published a book about physical comedy as it relates to animation: Comedy For Animators

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Happy New Year, Patreon is Go

2016 has arrived, the campaign is live, and the first month begins! Here is my Patreon page: To summarize, I’ve started a Patreon campaign to support writing a new tool or tutorial every month this year. Check out the link … Continue reading

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New Year Experiment

It’s the end of the year, and I have somewhat of a new years resolution for 2016. Like any standard new years resolutions, there’s a thing which I haven’t been doing enough, and I’d really like to do the thing more, but I … Continue reading

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Free Tiger Puppet

CGSpectrum have released a free animation rig that I helped build! Grab it here and take it for a spin:

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Road Chip Trailer

I realized, a bit late, that I have to continue the tradition of posting a trailer of the movie I’m working on. So without further ado:

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Sticking Transforms to Vertices.

I wanted to stick transforms on a mesh, and I was curious about the fastest solution in vanilla maya (no plugins). I was only interested in position, not orientation, as in my situation getting orientation from normals could be a bit unpredictable. … Continue reading

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Go Mom

My mom and step-dad are the subjects of this documentary short film about their collaborative art, lifestyle and philosophies: Go guys! You’re an inspiration.

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