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Mad God on Kickstarter

Phil Tippet is using Kickstarter to fund the completion of his Mad God stop-motion film. It’s well worth watching the pitch video to see some of the awesome sets, characters and animation that’s been created already. Nice to hear him … Continue reading

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Norman for Blender

This is so cool, I didn’t realize that someone ported Norman to Blender. Nice to see Creative Commons in action! I’ve been playing a bit with Blender recently, it’s a really impressive piece of software for being free and open … Continue reading

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Greyhound Runcycle

This is Dotty, one of the neighborhood greyhounds.

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Stop Motion Tintin

I had no idea this existed:  

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Reel Feedback

Some friends from Tippett have started a new service called Reel Feedback, where students, new graduates, and animators looking for work can get their reel thoroughly critiqued by industry professionals. Check out the site, I know the guys and they’re … Continue reading

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New Jay Clay Short

Timothy Hittle released a new short starring Jay Clay and his dog Blue. A couple years ago I bought a Jay Clay DVD directly from Timothy after I saw a clip online or at a festival or something, I can’t … Continue reading

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VFX Animators Doing 2D Animation

A few of my friends who I worked with at Tippett have been doing some great hand drawn animation. First Jim Brown, who did a drawing a day last year, decided this year to do an animation a week. Every … Continue reading

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Tintin Preview

If you want a preview of The Secret of the Unicorn, and you don’t have the comic books handy, take a look at the Tintin cartoon that aired in the early 1990’s. Full episodes are on youtube.

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The Hunger Artist

Tom Gibbons has put the first part of his animated film, The Hunger Artist, online. Gibby’s a bitchin’ animator and ping-pong player who I worked with at Tippett, and this short is an amazing piece of old-school stop motion animation. … Continue reading

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AM Animals and Creatures

Animation Mentor has announced their animal and creature master class, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. I got the opportunity to tag along to a meeting in 2009 to look at the rigs they were … Continue reading

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