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Whippet Run

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The Foreleg

This is a very overdue follow-up to the ┬áhind leg post, I want to talk about a quadruped’s front legs. The foreleg is completely different from the hind, but often suffers from the same animation and rigging problem, which is … Continue reading

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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately, we had some guests visiting for a couple months and some projects to do around the house. I’ve also been seriously distracting myself with PyGame, as an exercise to learn more … Continue reading

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Greyhound Runcycle

This is Dotty, one of the neighborhood greyhounds.

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Devo Sketches

I finally got around to doing a couple whippet sketches, nothing too fancy but it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve drawn anything, so I thought I should make a record of it. Whenever I get around to modelling … Continue reading

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The Hind Leg

The hind leg of a quadruped is quite a bit different from a standard biped leg. Technically the anatomy is similar, but for a dog, unlike a biped, their “heel” doesn’t rest on the ground. For riggers and animators, this … Continue reading

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Elemental Structure

This week I wanted to talk about the idea behind puppet elements, which are meant to be the building blocks of this rig setup. At the most basic, an element is just what I’m calling the group of nodes that … Continue reading

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Devo Update: Scripting Away

So I haven’t really posted anything on my rigging project since that first post, but I’ve actually been doing a ton of scripting for it, in any spare time I can find. I haven’t started any designing, modelling, joint placement, … Continue reading

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MEL, Python and PyMEL

I just wanted to pass along a link that popped up on Rigging Dojo’s Twitter feed. Jason Parks from Sony Online Entertainment did what must have been a great talk at the GDC about MEL vs. Python and PyMEL. You … Continue reading

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Project Devo

So, I made a new years resolution, but I wanted to give myself a month before I did anything about it, to make sure I thought I could follow through. Well, it’s the last day of January, so here’s the … Continue reading

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