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Tech Tip Tuesday: Quick Copy/Paste Keys

Here’s another simple bit of code that can be really handy as a hotkey or marking menu. All it does is copies the keys selected in the graph editor, and pastes them to the current frame. I use it all … Continue reading

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Framing

There’s a lot of little bits of code that I have assigned to hotkeys and marking menus that aren’t really substantial enough to be stand-alone scripts. If I can, I’m going to try to post an example each week, as … Continue reading

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New Script: Toggle Visibility

I added a visibility toggle script to the tools section. I got introduced to this workflow while I was working at Wildbrain, and have been using it ever since. For me it makes sense to use a toggle instead of … Continue reading

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Animation Tech Tip: Frame Step

Like stepping through frames, but hate spamming your undo queue? Change your frame forward and back hotkeys so that they temporarily turn off the undo queue when they run, and you wont have to hit z 50 times just to … Continue reading

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