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I’m on GitHub

I’ve finally got my act together and created a repository on gitHub for all my tools. I still want them to be downloadable individually, but in order to stay up to date, cloning this repository might be a good option for … Continue reading

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New Year Experiment

It’s the end of the year, and I have somewhat of a new years resolution for 2016. Like any standard new years resolutions, there’s a thing which I haven’t been doing enough, and I’d really like to do the thing more, but I … Continue reading

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New Animation Reel

It’s been a long time since I cut a reel and I’ve been meaning to for a while. Well, I finally got around to it! Ironically the newest work on here is still already a year and a half old: Morgan Loomis … Continue reading

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Pre-Announcement Announcement

I got a little plug from my old teacher Andrew Gordon over at Spline Doctors, so I figured now is as good a time as any to talk a bit about what I’ve been up to behind the curtain over … Continue reading

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Onward and Upward

Well Hobbit is out, it seems to have been received with a mixture of excitement and disappointment, I wont mention which camp I fall into, suffice to say that I think Smaug turned out pretty well. Let me know what … Continue reading

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Tuesday Classic Podcast

Some of my officemates and I are going to be interviewed for a friends podcast tomorrow night, 8PM Wellington time: Should be a fun times.

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R&H Files Chapter 11

The sad news this morning is that Rhythm and Hues can’t make payroll and is filing for bankruptcy. For the many hundreds of VFX artists who are losing their jobs at this moment, this is devastating. R&H is one of … Continue reading

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Weta Tissue Solver Interview

Weta’s muscle system is getting some awards this year, here’s a pretty extensive interview about the technology:    

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Weta Youtube Channel

Weta has a youtube channel: Right now there’s three short featurettes about a few Hobbit characters, like the Goblin King:

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Open Source VFX Education Campaign

My friend Luis Pages has started a crowdfunding campaign to turn his VFX school into a non-profit, where he can release high quality training materials online for free. Take a look, especially if you’re interested in dynamics and effects education: … Continue reading

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