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November Tool: Center of Mass

Apologies on being a couple days late on this one. This months tool is inspired by a workflow laid out by Richard Lico in this video: Center of mass script from Richard Lico on Vimeo. His idea is really clever … Continue reading

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October Tool: Copy Skin Clusters

Another rigging tool this month. This will simply copy a skinCluster from one skinned mesh to another, with a couple simple but key additions to maya’s existing Copy Skin workflow. First of all, the destination mesh doesn’t need to have a … Continue reading

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Reorganized Tools, New Tools

I’ve updated the Tools page to organize the scripts into two different categories, animation and rigging. I wanted to start adding some more simple rigging utilities, the first two new ones are Parent Shape and Reset Bind. ml_parentShape reparents shape … Continue reading

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New Tool: ml_goToKeyframe (and some updates)

I’ve added a new tool, called ml_goToKeyframe, for stepping through keys. It has the same basic functionality of maya’s findKeyframe command, with a few added features. It only loops through selected keys, or what’s visible in the graph editor. It … Continue reading

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New Tool: ml_deleteKey

New on the tools page, ml_deleteKey is the counterpart to ml_setKey. Most people set keys with the “S” hotkey, and it’s always made sense to me to have a hotkey that deletes keys in a similar way. I use this tool … Continue reading

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New Tool: ml_copyAnim

Added one more tool! ml_copyAnim is a relatively simple script, it copies animation curves from one node to another. It also works on hierarchies, independent of namespace, so you can copy animation from one whole puppet to another in the … Continue reading

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New Tool: Camera Depth Dragger (Plus Tool Update)

I’ve added a new tool to the Tools Page: ml_cameraDepthDragger is another script that uses the dragger context, in this case to move an object directly toward or away from the viewing camera. This effectively changes the size of an object … Continue reading

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Tool Updates

Following up that last post, I’ve updated ml_hold and ml_worldBake. ml_worldBake got a pretty significant update, so if that’s something you use I’d recommend upgrading. Basically how it worked before is that it directly constrained animated nodes, and then baked … Continue reading

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New Tool: Arc Tracer

I’ve uploaded two new scripts to the tools page. is basically to imitate the benefits of drawing on your screen with a dry-erase marker. Its similar to creating a motion trail, but you can create it as an overlay … Continue reading

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MEL, Python and PyMEL, Part 2

After my post yesterday, a friend emailed me to remind me that coding with PyMEL isn’t always sunshine and rainbows: I read your post about PyMEL, and just wanted to add that we’ve found some cases where PyMEL is *very* slow … Continue reading

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