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December Tool: ml_softWeights

Happy New Year! Just passed midnight here and so 2017 has officially started in New Zealand. It’s been a year of coding, I’ve stuck to my goal of publishing 12 tools in 12 months. The final one is now available. … Continue reading

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October Tool: Copy Skin Clusters

Another rigging tool this month. This will simply copy a skinCluster from one skinned mesh to another, with a couple simple but key additions to maya’s existing Copy Skin workflow. First of all, the destination mesh doesn’t need to have a … Continue reading

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July Tool: Control Library

Rigging tool this month! This is a way to build and keep track of a control curve library. Simply create a nurbsCurve (or open that file you use to save all your control curves), select a curve and export it. An icon gets … Continue reading

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Pixar Tentacles

Here’s my friend and mentor Jeremie Talbot talking about octopus rigging. Can’t wait to see this guy in action!

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So Dummy was built with a python tool-set which I’m calling Puppeteer. I’ve created a page to be a central place for this project as it continues to grow and evolve, and I plan on writing some more posts in … Continue reading

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Here’s Dummy

So as I’ve mentioned before, my side project for the past couple years has been developing a rigging system, and Dummy is the poor sap I’ve been testing it on. I’m afraid some people might be a bit disappointed to … Continue reading

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Kitty Galore Breakdown

This is old news by now, but I just ran across this breakdown of Kitty Galore on Tippett’s Vimeo channel (bonus link: Tippett has a Vimeo channel). I was rigging lead for Kitty:

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Pre-Announcement Announcement

I got a little plug from my old teacher Andrew Gordon over at Spline Doctors, so I figured now is as good a time as any to talk a bit about what I’ve been up to behind the curtain over … Continue reading

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Hind Leg Example File

Sorry I took so long to post this, several people have asked for an example file of the hind leg tutorial I put online over two years ago. How’s that for procrastination? Hopefully better late than never. This is a … Continue reading

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A Face Rig

I recently dug up this old rig that I built during my school days. I wouldn’t necessarily build a face like this now (especially the mirrored controls), but it was fun to look back at the things I was trying … Continue reading

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