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Tintin Preview

If you want a preview of The Secret of the Unicorn, and you don’t have the comic books handy, take a look at the Tintin cartoon that aired in the early 1990’s. Full episodes are on youtube.

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Tintin at the Mountains of Madness

I love these Lovecraftian covers of hypothetical Tintin stories by Murray Groat. I think we should get Guillermo back down here to direct one for the sequel.

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Tintin Revealed!

I know this is right on the heels of the last post, I didn’t know when they were going to release the full pictures, but here you go! Empire Magazine has an article and a couple pictures. The comments are … Continue reading

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Tintin Sneak Peek

Empire Magazine has a very sneak peek of Tintin, or at least parts of him. It’s kind of a funny reveal, or partial reveal, of the project. But it’s enough to get some fans excited, which is cool.

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