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December Tool: ml_softWeights

Happy New Year! Just passed midnight here and so 2017 has officially started in New Zealand. It’s been a year of coding, I’ve stuck to my goal of publishing 12 tools in 12 months. The final one is now available. … Continue reading

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No More euclid Dependency

Some of the tools on this site have required the euclid python module in order to work. Recently the link to that module has broken, and I haven’t heard back from the author about its status. Within these tools I … Continue reading

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November Tool: Center of Mass

Apologies on being a couple days late on this one. This months tool is inspired by a workflow laid out by Richard Lico in this video: Center of mass script from Richard Lico on Vimeo. His idea is really clever … Continue reading

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September Tool: Ballistic Animation

A lot of times while animating, you need to create simple but convincing physics. This is one of the reasons a bouncing ball is the quintessential animation exercise. This month’s tool is about quickly and easily generating a ballistic arc. For example, say … Continue reading

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August Tool: Color Control

This month’s tool compliments last month. In a recent Maya update Autodesk added support for coloring curves with RGB values, rather than the limited color index. This tool is an interface for coloring a range of controls while gradually changing the color as it goes … Continue reading

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Windows Support Update

Once again the latest tool has been a lesson in cross-platform compatibility. If you’re on windows and ml_controlLibrary was giving you errors when exporting controls, download the latest ml_utilities for the fix. If you’re curious, something I wrote ages ago … Continue reading

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I’m on GitHub

I’ve finally got my act together and created a repository on gitHub for all my tools. I still want them to be downloadable individually, but in order to stay up to date, cloning this repository might be a good option for … Continue reading

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July Tool: Control Library

Rigging tool this month! This is a way to build and keep track of a control curve library. Simply create a nurbsCurve (or open that file you use to save all your control curves), select a curve and export it. An icon gets … Continue reading

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June Tool: ml_pivot

It’s the end of the month, and thanks to my Patreon supporters that means a new tool. This months flavour comes by request, though it remains to be seen whether it works as they hoped. It was a bit of a … Continue reading

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New Tool: Graph Editor Mask

I’ve added a new tool at the end of last month, but have been slow to post about it. Graph Editor Mask is a way of quickly isolating or masking curves in the graph editor by channel, axis, or selection. So … Continue reading

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