Maya Rigs

Free Rigs

Version: 8
900.4 KiB

Norman – A collaborative character which I rigged ages ago when I was in school. He’s felt a bit dated to me for a while, but still has a bit of a following and seems to still be relevant.

Tiger – Built for CGSpectrum.

Example Rigs

Cartoony Face Rig
Cartoony Face Rig » Post
Version: 1
12.3 MiB
Hind Leg Rig Example
Hind Leg Rig Example
Version: 1
138.7 KiB

Puppet Support Scripts

ML Puppet
ML Puppet
Version: 9
31.7 KiB
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4 Responses to Maya Rigs

  1. Mohamed says:

    Thank u ^_^

  2. Alex says:

    Very more good tools – thx

  3. Batman says:

    Does Dummy really have IK only for legs?.. Or did you manage to hide it so incredibly well that I couldn’t figure it out?
    In case Dummy does have IK arms and spine, there should be IK-FK switches somewhere easily accessible.
    In case he really doesn’t.. there’s not much you can do with poor Dummy.
    Maybe that’s why he’s called Dummy.
    : >

  4. He does indeed have fk and ik for all his limbs! If you expand the top node in the outliner, you’ll see a group for each section of the puppet, and the settings for each limb etc, including fk/ik, are on these groups. If you have loaded you should also have a right-click context menu to access these things more readily, although I haven’t tested with dummy in a while. He’s getting a bit long in the tooth, and I agree that those controls aren’t as visible as they could be.

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