Puppeteer is a proprietary character rigging system in Maya, developed as a side project over the past several years. The goal is a modular, flexible and extensible system for efficiently tackling a wide variety of rigs for a wide variety of projects.

Current Puppeteer features:

  • Animator friendly design and function, informed by 10 years of experience animating and rigging for feature films.
  • Modular construction: puppets are not limited to standard bipeds or quadrupeds.
  • Almost all rig features are optional, puppets can be built with only what you need.
  • Multiple puppet resolution files, for reference swapping between low, high and any necessary resolution in between.
  • Maya native rigs, no special plug-ins or installs required.
  • Can match node naming convention requirements in many cases.
  • Puppets are supported by free scripts and animation tools.

At this time there aren’t plans for Puppeteer to be made available as a product, but I will be trialling it as a service soon. If you’re looking into rigging options for your project, feel free to get in touch to discuss whether this might be a good fit. For examples of Puppeteer-built rigs, see the Puppets page. (Right now it’s just Dummy)

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