Tools Update and Shelf Added


I’ve finally gotten around to supporting a shelf for the animation tools, it’s included in the gitHub repository or you can download it individually here.

I’ve also done a few tool updates over the last couple weeks:

  • World Bake has the option to parent or unparent an animated node in one click, rather than the old two-step process
  • Arc Tracer was calculating in a way that was faster, but wasn’t accurate for how certain rigs were evaluating. Now it tests for accuracy first and runs either a fast or slow algorithm depending on the results.
  • Anim Curve Editor has a delete frame option, which ripple deletes a single frame, moving all the following animation one frame forward. This mimics functionality in other animation packages.
  • Copy Anim will now copy one to many if you select more than two objects.
Written on May 18, 2018