Free Tiger Puppet

CGSpectrum have released a free animation rig that I helped build!


Grab it here and take it for a spin:

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Road Chip Trailer

I realized, a bit late, that I have to continue the tradition of posting a trailer of the movie I’m working on. So without further ado:

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Sticking Transforms to Vertices.

I wanted to stick transforms on a mesh, and I was curious about the fastest solution in vanilla maya (no plugins). I was only interested in position, not orientation, as in my situation getting orientation from normals could be a bit unpredictable. Maya’s finally got a pointOnPoly node but interestingly it was the slowest solution. The old fallback was using follicle nodes, which is also slow. I didn’t try an old rivet script, which from memory uses quite a bit of history to convert edges to curves and such. To benchmark these I used a default polySphere with a locator set to follow every vertex, 382 in total. Interestingly, the best results are with one big expression running a bunch of pointPosition commands.

This is in Maya 2015:
pointOnPoly: 11.86 fps
pointOnPoly, disconnect rotate: 12.78 fps
Follicle: 16.31 fps
Expression per transform: 27.38 fps
One big expression: 38.33 fps

Is there a better solution for doing this?

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Go Mom

My mom and step-dad are the subjects of this documentary short film about their collaborative art, lifestyle and philosophies:

Go guys! You’re an inspiration.

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Dummy Update

I’ve been sitting on a dummy puppet update for a while, since he’s only really useful as a showcase I haven’t had too much incentive to keep him up to date, but I still think he’s good for showing where Puppeteer development is at. The biggest update I’m testing with this release is the puppeteer context menu:dummy_puppetContextMenu

In theory if you have the script in your scripts directory, this should be the menu you see when you right click on any of dummy’s controls. Having these sorts of tools quickly and easily accessible can really help with animating efficiently.

If you download the latest dummy zip, it contains the latest ml_puppet and ml_utilities which is required for this menu to work. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Version: 8
900.4 KiB
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Deadwood Plug

Some ex-Weta friends recently started a small game studio and have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first game, Deadwood. Check it out!


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Victor @ CG Spectrum

I have the pleasure of helping out CG Spectrum with some of their rigging, including Victor, who is now being offered as part of a free animation course promotion:

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Breakdown Dragger Bug

It turns out the version of ml_breakdownDragger that’s been available on this site for the last couple months didn’t actually work. I hadn’t noticed because I had done an update but never uploaded it. Anyway, it’s fixed now, so if you’ve run into an error please grab it again. Sorry about that!

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A slight detour from your regular programming, I just wanted to quickly share that my dad’s house was finalled today. A year ago my siblings and I were struggling with what to do about this:

Over the past year, we’ve been so humbled and grateful to receive so much help and support from family, friends and strangers. A few days ago, this is what things looked like as a final work party was attending to the finishing touches:


So I just wanted to take a moment to say a heartfelt thanks to the kind people who helped us get here, whether I know you or not, you’ve helped to bring some measure of closure and relief to our family.

Thanks most of all to my sister and brother, who have spent so much of their energy driving this project. I love you guys.

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New Animation Reel

It’s been a long time since I cut a reel and I’ve been meaning to for a while. Well, I finally got around to it! Ironically the newest work on here is still already a year and a half old:

Morgan Loomis Animation Reel 2014 from Morgan Loomis on Vimeo.

For the breakdown you can check it out on Zerply. (If you haven’t tried doing a breakdown on Zerply, it’s pretty slick).

Next up I’ll try to put together a separate rigging reel, whenever I find the time to do this again.

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